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Since 1999 Tracey has been an experienced, professional, and committed Registered Equine Massage Therapist with a strong interest in creating pathways for improved performance, injury rehabilitation, and preventative health for horses. Tracey is a consummate professional whose primary concern is always based around what is in the best interest for the horse.

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Conferences & Lectures


In addition to her field practice, Tracey’s vast experience and her natural skill as a presenter have drawn invitations to speak/present at colleges and conferences throughout North America.

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Partners in Programming


The Foundational Concepts to Becoming your Horse’s ‘Personal Trainer’

A mentor is one who is considered a trusted advisor, and assists others in their training or search of knowledge…

Tracey has committed herself to assisting those riders who wish to take her advice based on her various areas of expertise and life knowledge. She helps riders understand and address how they are either helping or hindering their horse’s development and athletic goals.

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