MSamuel2-200Tracey has a great desire to understand the underlying concepts of a horse’s training and how individual disciplines manage their horses. She has in incredible respect and appreciation for the impressive athletic toll placed on high performance horses. This is what primarily motivates her in her practice, as she sees her role in the horses’ healthcare as a part of a team. Working together with the supervising veterinarians, trainers, riders and the ever-important grooms and care-takers, ensures that not only the horses physical body is sound, but also it’s mind.

Tracey’s practice is not limited to just high performance athletes. Some of her favourite ‘clients’ are individuals whose sole purpose is to provide their owners with the satisfaction of companionship. To Tracey, a horse is a horse, it doesn’t matter what they do or who rides them, her passion is to provide that horse relief from whatever physical demands and stresses are placed on them.


cudmore_5976While show jumpers, dressage, eventers and rodeo performance horses have long embraced the benefits of massage, Tracey has found the Standard bred industry is quickly catching on to the many benefits of regular massage treatments. Breaking track records and increasing lifetime earnings are some of her most recent accomplishments. Many of Tracey’s ‘clients’ are members of the Canadian Show Jumping Team both past and present, representing the country at such prestigious shows as the Olympics, Pan American Games, World Championships and Nations Cups.

Regular massage both at home and on the road is paramount to the physical and mental health of horse as well as the success of the horse and rider partnership.

Being recognized as an integral part of the team has provided Tracey with opportunities she never anticipated. She has worked with many talented veterinarians on both sides of the border and as far away as Mexico. Such experiences have allowed her to gain a stronger insight into the ‘workings’ of the horse and can therefore adjust her treatments of massage therapy to better suit the horse and the prevailing condition.