Mentoring Program Testimonials

“I have been riding for over 30 years and showing dressage for 10 of those years.

My 15 yr old gelding developed a noticeable problem with one of his stifles, and I had to go the injection route to keep him sound.  Under Tracey’s guidance I started doing exercises to strengthen the musculature around the stifle joint.  The exercise sessions evolved into her advising me on how to stretch, supple and strengthen my horse under saddle.  We also delved into the mind of the horse.

As we mastered every exercise my partner became a well-muscled, very fit and relaxed athlete who is extremely willing to meet new challenges.

Tracey has a unique skill set, which is a rare find.  Her different approach in this program leads to my horse telling me…Thank you”

Kathryn and Horatio


“For the last 6 months I have been participating in the mentoring program with Tracey on my 14 yr old gelding.  Tracey’s approach is very precise and systematic, yet she is able to adjust the basics to fit your individual horse.  She stresses the importance of rhythm, suppleness and contact so as to develop a horse who knows how to stretch through the topline and REALLY learns to reach for the bit willingly.  You don’t progress further until you master each exercise, and each exercise once mastered produces a stronger, more balanced mount and increases your rate of progress as she advances you along the program.

Her approach is especially beneficial to horses with physical limitations.  My 14 yr old has stifle issues and with her help we are slowly strengthening  him so hopefully injections to his joints will be less frequent.  The bonus with all of this is just how engaged she is in the participants progress and her unbridled enthusiasm!  She really IS as excited as I am when I get to experience those ‘moments’ we all ride for, knowing she helped me get there”

Denise and Alex